About Us

We’ve been fortunate enough to be able to participate/compete on My Kitchen Rules NZ 2018 season! 

We are two “Chiwi” cousins – first generation New Zealander born Chinese. Food is a medium that brings together people and that is what Asian cuisine is all about.

Being born and raised in New Zealand, we haven’t been fully immersed in our home culture growing up as a result of trying to mix two worlds – Your Kiwi life and your home life. We found that we could connect through food. This is a culinary journey in discovering our roots, old and new, that we’d like to share with you. This journey for both of us to make food that brings nostalgia to our childhood and upbringing.

May has had an upbringing that isn’t typical in a traditional Chinese upbringing – being raised by a Pākehā and Māori caregivers until the age of 6 while her parents were working hard in the takeaway. Enna’s parents had a takeaway too, so both of us had to help out after school at the takeaway. Lots of memories of wrapping spring rolls, folding wontons, flipping burgers, taking orders and eating yummy takeaway food. Despite our 5 year gap, we have similar personalities, so we get along like 2 peas in a pod.

May is crazy about food and you’ll always see her stories are of food cooking shows. She has an (un)healthy obsession with carbs. She started her working career in a food chain before settling in an accounting role. She’s up all night thinking about the delicious combos to make.

Enna’s not as obsessive with the food videos as May is, but most of her working life has been in the food industry in the marketing department, so she has a natural love for food. She loves beautiful photos and forever learning about food photography and design. Without her late father’s special recipes, she’s on a mission to remember those dishes she fondly had from him.

Seems like a pretty good combo to us!